About The Course

From booking movie tickets to booking railway tickets, everything is moving to smartphones. To reach the target audience, every company & organisation is launching its mobile app. In this competitive market, there is a high demand for qualified & skilled mobile app developers.


You can choose one of our short term mobile app development courses as per your learning needs:

Android app development


  • What you learn?
  • Fundamentals of Java
  • Develop object-oriented applications using Java
  • Develop Android applications for mobile & wireless devices
  • Test & publish Android applications on mobile & wireless devices

    Course duration:

    3 Months

    Course duration:

    Rs. 8,385-11,500

  • Eligibility:

    Undergraduates/ graduates/ working professionals/ engineers

    Job opportunities:

    On completing an Android app development course, you can build a successful career as:

  • Windows app developer
  • Android app developer